Release Instructions

Release Instructions

Every order comes with detailed release instructions. The first thing you want to do after receiving your package is open your shipping box. When you open your shipping box you will see your receipt along with release instructions. Set your paperwork off to the side. Open the lid of your foam lined insulated cooler, you will see that we have placed ice packs in the shipping box. What this does is help the butterflies travel easier, the coolness makes them go into a dormant state so that they don’t damage their wings or stress out. If your ice packs are NOT frozen, please take the ones that traveled with your butterflies and replace them with your own. You do have the option of refreezing the icepacks we send, just make sure that while the butterflies are waiting that they are kept in a cool, quiet area. You want to keep the butterflies in a cool quiet place until 30-45 minutes before you release them. If it is c ool outside or not very sunny take the ice away from them at least an hour in advance just to be sure they warm up, what this does is help them wake up naturally and get ready to fly for you. Never leave butterflies in direct sun light. Do not microwave them.

When you get ready to release your butterflies it is very important that it is at least 67 degrees and sunny out. Imagine the butterflies wings as little solar panels, they need to warm in order to wake up and fly. If you are doing a individual release please put someone in charge of passing out the envelopes. While they are doing this please ask them to tell each guest that there is a live butterfly in the envelope, please do not open the envelope until they get the okay. One thing i love is making sure responsible children get to open their own butterfly. Sometimes they are more responsible than we give them credit for and will be extra careful.

If you are doing a mass release,  make sure they also have the time to warm up and get ready to fly. Our boxes will have little windows on them so you can peak in at your butterflies. Once they wake up they will begin to move their wings and walk around. Once you are ready to release them you open your lid and they start to fly out. Do not get upset if they do not all start flying out at once, a few may be shy or they’ve decided they want to take a little bit longer. If you experience this just give the box a little shake to motivate them. Please do not shake rapidly, just a little to help motivate them. You may not experience this, but we can never predict what live insects will do.

DO NOT release butterflies in the cold

DO NOT release live butterflies in the rain. Butterflies have little wings, imagine what a rain drop is like to them.

DO NOT release live butterflies indoors. The purpose of this release is to help replenish the deleting population of butterflies. Butterflies are beautiful and are amazing for your event, but please remember these guys are pollinators and so important for the environment.  We want our healthy butterflies to get back out there and get to work!


If you want to get some beautiful still shots of our butterflies, I recommend placing the few butterflies you will use for the picture in the fridge for 5 minutes. Take the butterfly or butterflies out, place them where you want them and get your shots. If you notice the butterflies you are using are starting to become more active that means they are waking up. Gently put them back into the fridge, wait 5-10 minutes, then they will be nice and cooled down ready to model for you again.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at any time. I’m always here to answer your questions, helping make your event as amazing as you want it to be!

Kelly Calabresi